We Move Faster

No wait anymore from the moving companies, contact us for a free quote, we move faster than any other comapnies

Use Best Equipments

Ours Packers use latest technology to pick and pack your belongings.

Safety & Experience

Our Packers are highly trained professionals and have been in this industry for over 20 years. Give us a chance and see the difference.

Moving Services Everything You Expect from a Full-Service Moving Company

Local Moves

With agents in nearly every major metro area, we are proud to provide moving services to local residents and businesses

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We are federally licensed to provide long-distance, interstate moving services to households and businesses moving cross country.

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We maintain an international network of movers to provide safe transport of household and commercial goods to any corner of the globe.

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Auto Transport

We can arrange to transport your vehicle to your new home or anywhere nationwide on our dependable fleet of car carriers.

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Best Car Transport Companies

SuperShip is a company dedicated to helping you with your car delivery service irrespective of the type of car you own. We understand the necessity for you to find an affordable and dependable transport company with a car transport package that suits your needs. We offer wide range of services including international car transport services, transport of luxury cars, antique cars, custom built automobiles the list goes on.

When hiring a car transport service, it is necessary for you to get information about the transport and delivery of the company. As precious as your car can be, it can be very risky if you do not take the needed precautions. Your can is very important to you, if you let non-professionals handle the transportation of your car, you could end up with a badly damaged car. To avoid this, we can help you insure your car, though some might feel it is quite unnecessary to do so. But if you are worried about not having your car brought to you with scratches, dents or any other kind of damage, your insurance will take care of it.

Whether you are relocating for work or pleasure, purchasing a car online, heading off to college, moving to your winter or summer home, no matter the reason you need to move your car, you can count on SuperShip to help you get it there.

We offer terminal to terminal service and door to door service to meet your requirements for price and convenience. We have been known to always deliver your car on time and damage free, which is why we have always been the peoples most preferred choice for their car transport service.

At SuperShip, we offer the finest option for you with the most competitive cost no matter the number of cars you have to ship. We also help you to get your car shipped to wherever you want it to be if you happen to be Relocating for work or pleasure. If you are moving to a distant location, especially if you are heading home after you must have been done with studies. We can help ship it to you at an unbeatable rate.

Why go through the pain and stress of driving through long distances, rain, snow and mountains when you can easily have SuperShip deliver your car to you. We can Drop your car at any location near your residence where it would be very easy for you to simply come and pick it up. Our drivers are well trained professional that takes absolute care in the delivery of your car and makes sure it does not encounter any scratch or damage. We can also help deliver your car right at your door step.

You should feel free to contact us for more information and enquiries.