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Shifting Home

SuperShip is a company that provides professional tailored house relocation service. When it comes to house relocation our experts will be there to give you the most suitable advice. Over the years we have stood out as an exceptional company that renders house relocation services. House relocation has been known to be an old form of recycling. For ages, there have always been different forms of house relocation procedures.

At SuperShip, house relocation starts with the combination of supporting and lifting before the structure is moved. Conditions like traffic control, trimming or removal of trees, removal of overhead utility line, and in a situation where your project goes off the road then excavation may also be required. In carrying out this process, the route the building would go through in the relocation process is of great important.

At SuperShip, we are able to move structures of different types, sizes and weights. These structures could vary from block, stone, log, frame, brick, steel, and concrete. The building could be private or commercial building, and we could even move the concrete floor slab together with some buildings. Any house can be relocated for any reason and there is no house too heavy or big that it cannot be moved. However, achieving the project is determined by finding a clear route through which the house would be moved.

You might probably be hunting for a house, and then you discover a house that you like very much because the size and feature is suitable for you. If you are unable to get it at the very location you found it you would have to move the house. House moving requires picking the house up from its foundation and setting it down in another spot, somewhere distant from its original location.

This scenario sometimes happens when landowners intend to build a larger home on their property. To be able to give away the previous home can save the owner the cost it would take to demolish the house. Not only that, it also more environmentally friendly to recycle the house instead of demolishing it.

There are different reasons why people prefer to move their houses. These reasons could be for commercial reasons, for historic reasons, or some other important reasons. Moves may also be made simply at the urge of the owner, or to isolate a building from the land where is has been originally built. Furthermore, a building can be moved where a land owner sells his land but choose to keep his building.

At SuperShip, we give a written estimate to our client and we also have insurance and licenses by the proper authority. Our record shows our reliability and how well we have been able to satisfy our customers. Choosing us today guarantees the safety of your house and your uttermost satisfaction after the project.